20 BEST Ideas For A Stylish Small Bedroom Interior Design

Jul 27, 2023 | Bedroom Design

Are you wondering how to design the interior for a small bedroom?

Thinking about how to turn it into a personal sanctuary where you can get a refreshing night sleep?

Want to know the best ideas for getting the best use out of the room?

Then this is the blog post that you should read!

As a highly-rated luxury interior designer in Bangladesh, we get questions like this all the time…and that’s why we’ve created this post.

From properly scaling your design to innovative ways to increase storage capacity and even tips for colours, wallpapers and placing the bed – here are the tips and tricks used by top professionals for small bedroom interior design.

Don’t overdo it

In an anxiousness to make the space look as attractive as possible, many people do too many things, and end up crowding the room and making it look stuffy.

Avoid that.

All you may need to completely refresh the look is to change light fixtures, changing the colour scheme and adding in a rug and new bedding.

Make sure the overall design is in scale

A small bedroom – like any other kind of room in your home interior design – gives you numerous elements to work with, like the colour, layout and textures.

However, given this is a small room design, you should prioritise the scale.

In other words, make sure that every item you work with does not look too large or heavy for the space available.

Go for smaller objects to achieve scale

For example, if you don’t have enough space for an armchair-foot table setup near the window, go for a simple chair instead.

You still have a sitting space, but you also don’t end up with a cramped look.

Decorate the room using everyday objects

This is a very clever trick – use everyday items as accessories and decor pieces.

For example, if you wear hats or caps, they could make for unique and attention-catching wall hangings.

Go for a smaller bed, if necessary

Everyone wants a king-sized bed, but you can’t put one in the bedroom if the space won’t allow it.

Instead of prioritising size, go for style upgrades to achieve a better aesthetic. For example, you can customise your headboard with an appropriate fabric.

Go for custom furniture pieces

Custom furniture can prove very beneficial in some room design situations, especially when you want to get both right-scale and visually appealing decor for a small space.

And you can never guess what professional furniture designers are capable of. Even pieces that sound large and spacious like twin beds along with bedside tables can be uniquely made to fit your room.

Go for custom and innovative storage options

As we mentioned in the intro itself, innovative and custom storage is a crucial aspect of small bedroom design.

Not only will it give you the space you need to keep everything you need in the room, but also it will ensure those objects and items are organised and easily available. And it can add to the visual appeal of the space too.

Some good examples of custom and innovative bedroom storage options are wall built-in closets and drawers built into the bed.

In the subsequent subheadings, we will look at some more organisational and storage solutions.

Use foldable furniture

Foldable furniture is a key way to optimise the use of available space in any small room. It allows you to fulfil requirements without compromising on style.

A so-called “Murphy Bed” which folds into the wall is a good example of foldable bedroom furniture.

Others would be a desk that folds against the wall when not in use, stools that can be folded up and kept aside and specially made wall-mounted shelves.

Maximise the use of built-in storage

Similar to foldable furniture, built-in storage is another way to expand your capacity for storing and keeping items in a room with limited space. A built-in bookshelf is a good example.

Make sure the key pieces of furniture are multi-purpose

For example, you can have a bench with a storage compartment (known as a “storage bench”) below – usable for both sitting, and also for keeping sheets.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply choosing an appropriate piece of furniture, or placing it strategically, you can make it multi-purpose.

Under-bed storage

As the bed is one of the largest – if not THE largest – pieces of furniture in the room, it’s common sense that you can achieve storage efficiency by making use of it as a storage space.

Just go for a bed with drawers below. It will magnify available space for keeping various items and reduce your need for closets.

Use patterns

Patterns can absolutely transform a small room from a dull and featureless area to a warm and charming space.

From elegant floral prints to elegantly patterned pillows – there are all kinds of options to infuse depth and personality to your bedroom.

To make use of patterns, discuss with your chosen interior designer how to include patterns into the room and elevate the ambience without making things look cramped.

Ensure plenty of natural light

Ask any bedroom designer in Bangladesh, and they will tell you that ensuring free flow of natural light is a sureshot trick of decorating a small bedroom.

The takeaway for you is to have a layout that does not cut off sunlight.

Avoid thick curtains, or have a combination of thick and sheer curtains – use sheer curtains to allow sunlight inside while having some privacy.

Position furniture away from the windows as much as possible.

Use a mirror

Another room decor method that is almost like the “bread and butter” of a designer – use mirrors to reflect natural light throughout the room.

Not only does a mirror give the illusion of space and make your small bedroom appear larger than it is, but it will also reflect the light around the space and make it all the more inviting.

And if you can get a suitably designed mirror, it can also act as an accessory.

Pro tip: Position the mirrors opposite to or next to the light source to maximise this effect.

Utilise every bit of surface area available

This is more of encouragement than a design tip for a small bedroom – you should make sure you are putting every bit of surface area you have to use.

Have a wide windowsill? Use it to keep plants, books, designer pieces and so on. Install shelves on your wall. And so on.

Utilise vertical space

We already mentioned installing shelves on your walls.

Here’s the thing: Vertical spaces – walls – are an often ignored resource in room design, especially when it comes to small rooms.

You have no idea how useful walls can be when it comes to boosting space available for storing objects. They can also add character to the room, if you hang paintings and accessories from them.

Put the corners to use

A closely related piece of small bedroom design advice is to make the most of corner spaces. The best way of doing that is to turn them into functional and stylish nooks.

You can create a seating area for reading, chatting or just hanging around.

Go for a vintage chair if possible and pair it with rich wallpaper and a suitably scaled side table and corner wall decor.

Primary colours can be very useful in this case.

Pro idea – Hang plants from the ceiling

Yes, this is one design idea that many people won’t have.

We all know how important indoor greenery can be for boosting bedroom atmosphere – but lack of space may make it difficult to keep houseplants in your small bedroom.

Here’s the solution – hang plants from the ceiling. You get all the benefits of indoor plants, but without having to plan for additional space.

Plan for matching colours (if you want to)

A vibrant and cohesive colour scheme can style up any space and make it look exciting.

Whether you want a bold and modern look for your bedroom or a somewhat vintage feel, colour selection can achieve the impact you’re looking for.

And how to do that?

Go for fun and edgy things like colourful curtains, carpets, side tables and bedspreads to embed a personality into the room.

Using the same print for multiple objects (like wallpaper, curtains and bedding) can create an ambience that’s both harmonious and visually striking, and that will elevate your room’s overall aesthetic.

You can also check whether a high-contrast colour plan works

In complete contrast to the earlier idea of matching colours, you can also see how well using contrasting shades works. 

Sometimes, it can be contrasting shades that turn a small bedroom from a dull corner of the house into the crown jewel of your home.

Some of the ways of doing this are – going for a striking bed frame with neutral colours and contrast is against bold accessories.

Go for fewer but bolder pieces. Some examples would be bedding, bedframes, side tables, lamps and so on.

Also see whether dark wallpaper works

Dark wallpaper has a sophistication and texture that can add an uniquely elegant touch to small bedrooms.

From inky grasscloth to bold prints, there are various options that you can do trial and error on.

And how much of the wall should you cover? Again, entirely up to you – you can go for an entire surface, or just highlight a corner nook.

Talk with your chosen interior designer about how dark wallpaper can be used to turn your bedroom space into a warm sanctuary.

Pro small room decor tip – Keep books in a pile to use as a side table

Another idea straight from the design professionals!

We all have those books that we have for show…or we don’t read very often.

So, just stack those in a pile and use that as a small side table.

Add in a nightlight, and you have a cosy corner – a top bedroom design tip!

Go for well-chosen light fixtures

A couple of well-chosen light fixtures can really “light up” a small bedroom and impart a grand ambience.

For best results, go for fixtures that not only provide illumination but also complement the overall character of the room.

  • Pendant lights or wall sconces can save floor space while adding elegance.
  • Task lighting like bedside lamps can create cosy nooks for relaxation, if placed thoughtfully.
  • Adjustable overhead lighting allows you to highlight specific-impact areas of the space.

Take time to discuss using light fixtures to boost your bedroom’s aesthetics, with your room designer.

Hang a large painting on a wall

A single, large piece of artwork can actually make your small room look larger and more appealing.

Smaller paintings can look random and meaningless while a meaningful large piece will lend an air of authority and character to the room.

However, just like with light fixtures, the impact will depend on your choice of artwork.

Check the visual impact of using a select few large furnishings

Just like with the artwork, more isn’t always better in case of furnishings as well. A few but carefully selected large-scale pieces will make the space feel grander.

Get a bed without a headboard

Do you remember we mentioned earlier how the bed may be the largest – and most important – piece of furniture in the room?

Well, there are some features of the bed that you cannot change beyond a point; however, some decorative aspects can be altered to make it a good fit.

A good example is the headboard.

A bed without a headboard can still project a sense of belonging and style if it is made correctly, with special attention to the colours.

Use your workdesk as a nightstand

Using a bedroom as a workspace is a common trend these days. If you’re doing this, remember our advice about multi-purpose furniture, and use your workdesk as a nightstand.

You can also hang a nightstand from the ceiling

While we’re discussing nightstands, let’s remember that the main uses of a nightstand are typically limited to keeping phones and maybe a book or an accessory or small art piece.

If that is it, talk with your interior designer about whether it’s feasible to have suspended nightstands in your small bedroom.

Use the space saved to keep a proper storage basket in the room.

Don’t push your bed against the wall

You may think that pushing the bed up against a wall can create a large central area in the room.

However, this is actually a bad idea in most cases.

The reason being it destroys the balance of the room and makes it look disorganised. Instead, centre the bed along one of the walls, creating a symmetric effect. Further, place the bed opposite the doorway.

A little thoughtful placement of the bed can yield good results in amplifying bedroom aesthetics.

Questions people also ask about small bedroom design tips

How to design an interior for a small room?

To design an interior for a small room, avoid overdoing it by making simple changes like light fixtures, colour schemes, and bedding. 

Prioritise scale and opt for smaller objects to maintain a balanced look. 

Utilise custom furniture and innovative storage options to maximise space efficiently. Embrace natural light, use mirrors to create an illusion of space, and employ vertical storage solutions. 

By carefully selecting furniture, using patterns, and considering well-chosen light fixtures and artwork, you can elevate the room’s aesthetics while keeping it functional and stylish.

How can I make my small bedroom look amazing?

To make your small bedroom look amazing, focus on simplicity and avoid overcrowding the space.

Implement a cohesive colour scheme and use patterns to add depth and personality. Opt for smaller furniture pieces that are in scale with the room, and consider custom and innovative storage solutions to maximise space efficiency. 

Utilise natural light and mirrors to create an illusion of space and reflection. Be creative with the use of vertical space and corners, and incorporate indoor plants by hanging them from the ceiling. 

By carefully selecting light fixtures, artwork, and a few well-chosen furnishings, you can transform your small bedroom into a stylish and inviting sanctuary.

How do you arrange a small bedroom?

To arrange a small bedroom, start by positioning the bed along one of the walls, preferably opposite the doorway. 

Use multi-purpose furniture, like benches with storage compartments, to maximise space. 

Utilise vertical space with shelves and consider a foldable desk to save floor space when not in use.

How to set furniture in bedroom?

When setting furniture in a bedroom, prioritise functionality and flow. 

Start with the bed as the focal point, positioning it along a wall opposite the doorway. 

Place nightstands on either side of the bed for convenience, and consider multi-purpose furniture like storage benches or desks to optimise space. 

Arrange other furniture pieces, such as dressers or chairs, in a way that maintains balance and allows easy movement throughout the room.

How to decorate the wall in a bedroom?

To decorate the wall in a bedroom, consider using a large piece of artwork as a focal point to create a sense of grandeur. 

Add mirrors strategically to reflect light and make the room feel more spacious.

Use patterned wallpaper or wall decals to add depth and character, or opt for dark wallpaper to create a sophisticated ambiance. 

Additionally, consider hanging shelves, plants, or decorative items to make use of vertical space and add a personalised touch to the room.

Do you want to design your small bedroom in Dhaka?

As a highly-rated luxury interior designer, I’ve shared valuable tips and tricks to transform your compact space into a personal sanctuary. 

From prioritising scale and utilising custom furniture to embracing natural light and using innovative storage options, these strategies will optimise your bedroom’s functionality and aesthetics. 

Have a small bedroom project in mind?

Contact us today to turn your vision into reality – Let’s create a space that reflects your style and offers the perfect ambiance for a refreshing night’s sleep.

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