11 Cafe Interior Themes To Capture Attention And Get Customers

Sep 29, 2023 | Cafe Design

In Dhaka’s dynamic landscape, cafes have transformed from mere coffee spots to an entire experience to enjoy with loved ones. 

And there are so many design styles and themes, it can be a bit overwhelming for cafe owners to decide which one to choose. 

As a top luxury interior designer in Dhaka, this is our guide to 11 standout cafe interior themes, detailing their essential features, the typical customers they attract, and ideal locations. 

Industrial interior design theme for cafes

The industrial interior design, inspired by old factories and warehouses, has become a trendy choice for cafes in Dhaka. It offers a raw and authentic vibe, making cafes stand out and feel unique. 

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A coffee shop with such a design appeals to the younger crowd and those who appreciate a blend of vintage and modern aesthetics. Ideally, such cafes would thrive in upscale residential neighbourhoods or areas adjacent to colleges, where the mix of old and new resonates with the diverse crowd.

6 features an industrial-themed cafe interior in Dhaka should have

  • Colours: Predominantly grey, black, tan, white, and deep shades like dark red.
  • Open spaces: Open floor plans that reveal structural elements like pipes and bricks.
  • Lighting: Some old-style filament bulbs and cage-like fixtures.
  • Furniture: Rough wooden pieces combined with metal accents.
  • Floor: Typically made of concrete.
  • Combining elements: A mix of timeworn and contemporary items, such as a modern lamp on a vintage table.

Coffee shop with rustic decor

In the bustling city of Dhaka, the rustic cafe theme stands out as a nostalgic escape, like old warehouses or farmhouses. 

This design, rich in raw materials like wood, plants, and bricks, offers cafes a unique charm that appeals to those seeking a blend of the old and the new. 

It’s especially enticing to customers who appreciate a touch of vintage, making it ideal for locations in upscale residential neighbourhoods or areas with a mix of modern and historical architecture.

The balance between modern amenities and rustic elements ensures the space feels cosy without being overly dated.

4 elements of a rustic coffee shop decor

  • Raw materials: Use of natural raw materials like wood, plants, and bricks.
  • Vintage items: Incorporation of vintage items such as old doors, windows, and milk jars.
  • Some modern elements: A balanced mix of modern elements like stylish lamps with rustic decor.
  • Earthy colours: Earthy colour palette featuring shades of brown, green, camel, and beige.

Classic vintage-themed cafe interior

Dhaka’s cafes can transport patrons back in time with a classic vintage theme, drawing inspiration from various historical eras. This design offers a myriad of possibilities, from the romantic allure of antique decor to the comforting ambiance of floral wallpapers and elegant china cabinets. 

Perfect for cafes situated near cultural hubs or historical landmarks, this theme attracts a crowd that cherishes nostalgia and the arts. The inclusion of iconic art pieces and a piano further elevates the experience, making it a haven for art enthusiasts and those seeking a serene escape.

5 essential features of a Dhaka vintage cafe interior design

  • Versatile design elements: Essential to represent various historical eras, from the 40s to the 60s.
  • Romantic settings: Key examples are antique decor and furniture.
  • Distinctive colour palette: This can consist of faded peach, mustard yellow, and burgundy.
  • Art pieces: Display of renowned art pieces by artists like Van Gough and Picasso (duplicates, obviously!).
  • Accessories: A touch of elegance with a piano as a centrepiece.

Modern cafe interior style

In Dhaka’s ever-evolving urban landscape, the modern cafe interior style offers a refreshing blend of simplicity and sophistication. 

Rooted in the 20th-century design philosophy that places importance on functionality, every element in a modern cafe is purposeful and devoid of unnecessary frills. Before diving into this theme, take a look at our luxury design portfolio for inspiration.

Such cafes, with their sleek geometric furniture and minimalist aesthetics, are best suited for tech office areas or bustling commercial zones, catering to a crowd that values both comfort and contemporary design. 

The contrasting light and dark wood tones, combined with bold accessories, create a vibrant yet organised ambiance.

6 classic features of a cafe with modern-styled interiors

  • Functionality or ergonomics: As we say in interior design, form should follow function.
  • Neutral colour palette: Some typical shades would be brown, taupe, cream, and pure white.
  • Geometric furniture design: Geometric furniture designs without intricate details.
  • Bold accessories: Some examples are brightly coloured sofas and abstract art pieces.
  • Texture: Use of textured fabrics such as crushed velvet, linen, and wool.
  • Metal accents: Cool metal accents featuring stainless steel, nickel, and chrome.

Cafe with minimalist interior decor

In the heart of Dhaka, cafes embracing minimalist interior decor offer a serene oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. 

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese designs, these cafes prioritise functionality and simplicity, ensuring every piece has a purpose. 

Ideal for locations in tech office areas or modern residential neighbourhoods, this theme attracts individuals who appreciate clarity and tranquillity. 

By emphasising unique architectural features and using a neutral colour palette, minimalist cafes create an ambiance that’s both soothing and contemporary, making them a favourite among urbanites seeking a peaceful retreat.

6 elements minimalist coffee shops typically have

  • Minimum decor: Minimal decorative objects to maintain simplicity.
  • Neutral colours: A minimalist cafe interior can feature white, creams, and greys.
  • Clean design: Emphasis on clean lines and a streamlined layout. Also, straight-sided furniture with smooth surfaces.
  • Pendant & natural light: A combination of pendant lights and abundant natural lighting.
  • Glass walls: Incorporation of glass walls for an open feel.
  • Natural elements: Preference for natural materials like wood furniture and stoneware dinnerware.

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Boho chic cafe interiors

In Dhaka’s vibrant cafe scene, the Boho chic style offers a colourful and free-spirited ambiance, drawing inspiration from the nomadic travellers of ancient Bohemia. 

This eclectic design, with its blend of various cultural elements, resonates with the city’s youthful and artistic crowd. 

Perfectly suited for cafes near college campuses or artsy neighbourhoods, the Boho theme attracts those who embrace individuality and wanderlust. 

By combining traditional elements like crochet curtains and dreamcatchers with contemporary touches, these cafes create a space that feels both spontaneous and harmoniously curated.

4 crucial features of boho chic coffee shops in Dhaka

  • Wooden furniture: Use of wooden furniture, low tables, and floor cushions.
  • Boho decor: Decorative elements like hemp pillows, tribal rugs, and fairy lights.
  • Unique accessories: Incorporation of unique items like Turkish lamps, dreamcatchers, and tassels.
  • Rich elements: Emphasis on rich textiles, stylish lighting, and modern wall art.

Coffee shop with eclectic themes and decor

Dhaka’s eclectic-themed cafes are a testament to the city’s diverse and vibrant culture, blending various design styles into a harmonious and unique aesthetic. Far from being chaotic, these spaces are carefully curated to showcase a cafe’s distinct personality, making them particularly appealing to those with a penchant for the unconventional. 

Ideally located in artsy neighbourhoods or bustling commercial areas, these cafes draw in a diverse clientele, from art enthusiasts to those simply seeking a refreshing change. 

By uniting varied design elements under a cohesive colour palette, eclectic cafes offer a visual feast that’s both familiar and refreshingly novel.

6 elements of eclectic-designed cafe interiors

  • Neutral colours: Neutral colour palette enhanced with bold shades like red, blue, and green.
  • Mismatched furniture styles: Mismatched furniture styles, combining antiques with modern pieces.
  • Bold design elements: Use of bold wallpapers and patterned floor tiles.
  • Art pieces: Gallery walls showcasing diverse art pieces from different eras.
  • Neon signs: Incorporation of neon signs for a contemporary touch.
  • Heavily designed dinnerware: Dinnerware that’s either patterned or brightly coloured.

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Nature-themed cafe interior design

Amidst the urban sprawl of Dhaka, nature-themed cafes offer a refreshing sanctuary, drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of the natural world. 

As sustainability becomes a priority for consumers, these cafes not only provide a visual connection to nature but also emphasise eco-friendly practices. 

Perfectly suited for locations with a panoramic view or near green spaces, this theme attracts environmentally-conscious patrons and those seeking a peaceful retreat. 

By integrating a variety of plants with sustainable materials and ensuring ample natural light, nature-themed cafes create an ambiance that’s both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

7 features of nature-themed cafes in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Nature-inspired colour selection: Colour palette inspired by nature, featuring creams, greys, greens, and blues.
  • Indoor greenery: Abundance of plants, trees, and greenery for a biophilic touch. Add ceiling-hanging plants for vertical greenery.
  • Eco-friendly practices: Emphasis on environmentally-friendly packaging and practices.
  • All-natural materials: Use of all-natural materials like wood, stone, terracotta, and bamboo.
  • Natural light: Maximising natural light with large windows and skylights.
  • Spacious: Spacious layout with an airy, uncrowded ambiance.
  • Organic shapes: Incorporation of organic shapes and driftwood decor.

Coffee shop inspired by well-known films and/or TV shows

In the dynamic cafe culture of Dhaka, film and TV show-themed cafes offer patrons a unique experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in their favourite on-screen worlds. 

These cafes, inspired by iconic shows like ‘Breaking Bad‘ or ‘FRIENDS’, resonate deeply with fans, making them ideal for areas frequented by the younger generation or cinema enthusiasts. 

By recreating iconic sets or introducing innovative twists, these cafes become instant attractions. 

Staff dressed as beloved characters, menus inspired by memorable episodes, and special merchandise giveaways on significant dates further enhance the cafe’s appeal, making it a must-visit for fans and curious visitors alike.

3 decor elements of Dhaka coffee shops inspired by famous movies and tv programs

  • Special staff uniforms: Staff dressed as main characters for an immersive experience.
  • Specially-named food items: Menu items named after popular episodes or film scenes.
  • Engaging ambience: Engaging ambience that resonates with fans of the chosen theme.

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Cafe with artistic vibes

Dhaka’s cafe culture is seeing a surge in art-inspired spaces, where creativity and coffee blend seamlessly. These cafes, some drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Picasso and others showcasing local talent, become dynamic galleries that evolve with time. 

Located ideally near art schools or cultural hubs, they attract a clientele that’s passionate about art and eager to see ever-changing exhibits. 

For cafe owners looking to infuse artistic vibes, the key lies in experimenting with wall colours and textures. 

Whether it’s a musical theme, a surrealistic ambiance, or an art studio setup, the possibilities are endless, and with the right design expertise, these artistic visions can come to life beautifully.

2 essential decor features of artistic-themed cafe interiors

  • Artistic inspiration: Inspiration from renowned artists like Salvador Dali and Picasso.
  • Vibrant colours and textures: Emphasis on vibrant wall colours and diverse textures.

Pro tip: If you do decide to set up such a cafe, try to collaborate with local artists and artisans to display their work. This gives you a chance to periodically update your coffee shop’s look while also boosting your social image as a businessperson who wants to support local artistic talent.

Cafe celebrating/focusing on books and games

In the dynamic cafe culture of Dhaka, the allure of a space dedicated to books and games is undeniable. 

Combining the tranquillity of reading with the excitement of gaming, these cafes offer a unique blend of relaxation and entertainment. Ideal for areas near educational institutions or creative hubs, they cater to a diverse crowd, from bookworms to gaming enthusiasts. 

While the primary focus remains on the curated collection of books and games, adding other elements of a mini-library or a gaming zone adds to the overall experience. 

Drawing inspiration from popular book cafes globally, there’s ample room for creativity in crafting a space that’s both engaging and cosy.

4 decor elements of a book/game-themed cafe

  • Global-themed atmosphere: Atmosphere reminiscent of global cities like Tokyo and Singapore where such themes thrive.
  • Ambience: Potential to establish an ambience of a cyber hub or gaming zone.
  • Inspiration: Inspiration from world-renowned book cafes designed like mini-libraries.
  • Appeal to diverse ages: A versatile space catering to diverse interests and age groups.

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Popular Dhaka cafe design themes – a final word

Dhaka’s cafe scene is a testament to the city’s evolving tastes and global influences. From the raw charm of industrial designs to the serene ambiance of nature-themed interiors, there’s a style for every vision. 

Each theme not only offers a unique aesthetic but also caters to specific customer demographics and fits distinct locations. 

As the city’s cafe culture continues to flourish, these design themes stand out as both timeless and trendsetting. 

Hopefully, our guide has provided the insights you need to make an informed decision.

Ready to get your own cafe interior designed?

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