The BEST Tips For Saving Money In Home Interior Design

Nov 15, 2022 | Design Process & Project Management

How you can achieve savings on your design budget while creating a stylish home interior!

Wondering how to save money in house interior design and home renovation works?

Looking for the best money-saving interior design secrets?

Curious whether working with a professional designer to revamp your home interiors can actually save you money?

This is the blog post that will tell you what you need to know!

How to achieve stylish interior design while saving money

When we discuss home layouts and design plans with clients, most of them mainly discuss how to achieve the best aesthetics for their living space.

Some of them seem worried about how large a budget the home design or house renovation will take, but don’t discuss that clearly with us.

HOWEVER…our job as professional interior designers, is not only to create a lavish, stylish interior for your space, but also to do it at a reasonable cost. In other words, interior designers have a duty to make the most efficient use of the project budget.

This is why we are publishing this blog post on ways you can actually save money working with an interior design service to decorate/renovate your home.

So you can approach the consultations and negotiations with your own designer confidently.

Opt for a dependable interior design service

Today, you have multiple options when it comes to home design service providers in Bangladesh.

However, if you’re looking to save money, you will have to shop around for the most dependable service.

Now, what do we mean by a “dependable” interior design service?

A “dependable” interior design service, which will be responsible with your project budget, and help you achieve savings, should:

  • Be upfront about their billing practices and cost structure.
  • Be open to extensive discussions and consultations with you to understand your requirements and preferences.
  • Be willing to provide only that service you require (that is, provide only consultation services if you want that; or provide an end-to-end service if you prefer that).
  • Create 3D renderings of design plans and discuss those with you before finalising anything. This reduces costly alterations later on.

Look for a design service that offers all of these facilities.

Paint is the most affordable way to transform your space

Simply putting on a new coat of paint can be surprisingly effective at completely refreshing the look and environment of a room.

For example, lighter and neutral hues brighten a room and make it welcoming.

While darker colours bring a room together, giving it a cosy feel.

And paint is among the cheapest of interior design supplies to source!

Now, what can you paint? The most common answer is “the walls”.

However, don’t limit yourself to that.

  • You can paint the ceiling in some rooms (like the living room) in a bold colour and stun anyone that enters.
  • Painting the doors can give a new character to the space.
  • Even painting the floorboards can show good results.

Choice of paint

You can opt for a shade that you will not get tired of, and that will work even if you decide to change accent pieces in the room.

Alternatively, you can go with a bold hue to draw eyeballs and attention. If you get tired of it, just paint over it!

Apart from paint being a cost-effective way of transforming your space, here are some other things your interior designer wants you to know!

Swap textured paint with wallpaper on accent walls

What is an accent wall? A wall whose design differs from the rest of the room, drawing attention and eyeballs.

As you can guess, an accent wall will be bolder in appearance than the other surfaces in the room.

The question is, how to achieve such an appearance?

A common approach is to use paint…textured paint to be specific.

However, a more cost-effective way can be to use wallpaper instead.

You can save as much as 50% of the cost if you switch to wallpaper.

Pro tip: Make sure that the accent wall is not exposed to moisture.

Get creative!

Everyone of us has some creativity. Allow that to flourish as you design your home.

Retouch some existing items yourself

Some of the accessories and even some furniture pieces that you don’t like may require only minimal work to gain a whole new avatar!

From a simple new coat of paint to a bit of art and craft – you can get some great results!

Visit second hand shops and look for eclectic items

Here’s the thing: second hand doesn’t mean bad.

Many second hand items have unique and eclectic designs that could be a great fit for your home, but are custom-made and unavailable in shops.

They will also have a lived-in, warm feeling that brand-new goods will lack.

Shop your own home

Shopping your own home is a design trick that we interior designers absolutely LOVE!

What is shopping your own home? Simple. Use your own home as a shop. Walk around your home, check out the various pieces of furniture, artwork, accessories and various other items.

Now, think whether they’re being put to the best use, or whether you can improve your home interior by placing them elsewhere, or finding another use for them.

  • Swap rooms to better adapt your changed needs.
  • Repair and redecorate things that are just looking shabby, or need some light work to get working again.
  • From paintings to vases, from nightstands to chairs – everything in your home may have a better use!
  • From finding a new accent piece to changing the colour palette and texture of a room – many effects are possible through shopping your own home.

And you can only imagine how much money you can save through this!

Take time choosing the flooring

In our experience as interior designers in Dhaka, we’ve noticed that flooring is an area that many clients don’t think about a lot.

And that is understandable, as the floor is below your eyeline most of the time, and you don’t spend a lot of time looking at it.

However, choosing the right flooring material can be crucial in boosting the overall quality of life in your home – and also saving you money in the process.

How to save money on flooring materials

For many people, marble is the go-to choice to achieve an upscale look for the floor.

While marble certainly looks stunning, it is quite expensive.

Other types of tiles – which are today available in a variety of colours – should be considered.

If you want to achieve the wooden look – another premium flooring choice – opt for laminate flooring which will have the appearance of hardwood flooring, for a fraction of the cost.

Designer’s insight: Material price is only part of the flooring cost. Many flooring types require professional installation, which will add to your overall bill. Remember to take that into account.

For a preview at your choices, go through our blog post on the best flooring materials for your home.

Try to add focal points in rooms

Creating a beautiful focal point is an easy way to make a room look exquisite to visitors.

A wall is your biggest and most versatile surface available, so you need to play around with that.

Painting the wall is a great way to create a focal point.

You can also use wallpaper, like we discussed before.

Wallpaper is easy to both install AND remove, and can achieve more or less the same effect as paint – this is what makes it so useful at helping you achieve savings in your room design.

A good alternative to wallpaper is sticky tiles.

You can also just go for some artwork.

Remember shopping your home? Shop your rooms for some eye-catching artwork, and install it on the wall.

Want to know more about focal points? Refer to our introduction to focal points in interior design blog post.

Emphasise lighting

Lighting is a key design element…and it can add an elegance and warmth to a room that may otherwise be impossible to achieve!

And what else about lighting? It’s relatively easy and affordable to include in the design!

How to achieve good lighting

  • First go for the overhead lighting. This is the main source of illumination for your room. Chandeliers and pendants can, in some cases, turn out an affordable overhead lighting option. Discuss this with your interior designer.
  • Next plan task lighting. These are the reading lamps and other such, that help with specific tasks.
  • Finally, plan the decorative lighting to create the vibes.

Money-saving tips in home interior design – most important conclusions

Those are the 9 top ways to save money and get the most out of your budget in home interior design.

From general tips like choosing a dependable interior design service to specific room decor techniques like choosing certain kinds of flooring – there are various ways you can achieve super savings while creating a stunning style in your home interior.

Which of these tips did you like the most?

Do you have any other ways to get savings in home renovation and room design?

Let us know in a comment below!

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