17 Questions You Should Ask Before Ordering A Kitchen Cabinet

Jan 30, 2023 | Furniture Concepts

Things to clarify BEFORE you hand over your hard-earned money!

You’re looking to order new kitchen cabinets.

And so, you’ve set up meetings with a few cabinet makers to select who to place the order with.

But before you meet with any of them, it is essential that you prepare a number of questions to ask them in advance.

And that is what this blog post is about – what questions to ask the cabinet maker before you finalise someone and order from them.

Why you should read this blog post 

Buying high-quality kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways of adding value to your kitchen and to your home.

And there are many options – whether you’re thinking of materials to be used or of design possibilities – when it comes to kitchen cabinet design.

These questions will clarify critical issues for you, so you get the best possible product with your hard-earned money. 

General questions

First are the general questions that you should always ask before placing any home design-related order.

These have to do with issues like delivery timelines and costs.

Can you give me an estimated deadline for delivery?

Knowing when you can expect to have the cabinets ready and installed on the walls helps you plan your kitchen renovation effectively.

You can plan the rest of the work around it, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Having an estimated delivery deadline also helps you hold the maker accountable for delays.

Want to know more about buying/ordeing kitchen cabinets? Here are 8 things you must know before ordering a kitchen cabinet.

What is the total cost (including delivery and taxes)?

Knowing the total cost upfront helps you budget your renovation effectively – which is especially important if you’re doing a larger renovation of your kitchen.

Secondly, you can hold the supplier accountable if you spot any surprise charges or hidden fees in the final bill.

Thirdly, the costs involved in delivery and installation surprise many clients. Also, some suppliers mention only the making charges upfront, to make the kitchen cabinet project cost seem lower than it actually is.

Fourth, you may know a general contractor who is willing to handle delivery and installation of the cabinet for a lower fee than the cabinet maker. You can then negotiate the delivery and installation charges down, or get them handled by the other contractor.

Looking to get your kitchen completely renovated? Check out our kitchen interior design page!

What are my payment options?

Understanding payment options in advance allows you to plan your transactions better.

There are two aspects of payment options.

One is the mode of payment – cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer and so on.

The other is how the payment will be structured. 

Will you have to pay a small deposit upfront, and the rest on delivery? Can you pay in instalments as the work progresses? Will you have to pay the entire amount upfront?

As you can well understand, these are critical issues which should be clarified right at the beginning.

Is the installation included?

We did refer to installation when discussing the project cost, but installation is an important topic in and of itself.

However well-made your cabinet – if it is installed poorly, the money you invested in making it may go to waste.

If installation is not included you may need to look for a separate contractor to handle that which can end up increasing both your cost and hassle.

You may prefer to have installation handled by a contractor of your choosing, but whichever it is – you should know that from the beginning.

Do you have any certifications?

While certifications certainly don’t assure quality, you should still see if the furniture maker in question has any certifications.

If they have, it is an extra peace of mind for you that you are getting a quality product.

While certifications certainly don’t assure quality, you should still see if the furniture maker in question has any certifications.

If they have, it is an extra peace of mind for you that you are getting a quality product.

Questions about the cabinet features and making

The earlier questions were about the furniture maker.

Now we come to questions about the kitchen cabinet itself. From what features it will have to the materials to be used – the following queries will clarify such issues.

Could you describe the features of some different cabinet lines?

You should be able to understand the variety of options available and choose the best kind of cabinet for your cooking space.

Understanding the features and benefits of various cabinet lines allows you to compare and contrast among them, and choose one that best meets your requirements.

Here are some crucial kitchen cabinet features that you should know about.

Can you customise the design according to my preferences?

Like we mentioned before, a new kitchen cabinet is one of the best ways of adding value to your kitchen.

And customising the cabinet design to meet your specific preferences allows you to personalise the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Any good furniture maker should offer custom options, such as adjusting the size and colour of the cabinets.

Or, you could work with our custom furniture team to get your kitchen cabinet designed exactly according to your requirements.

This ensures you don’t face frustration later on, when the final product doesn’t resemble how you visualised it.

What material will be used?

Being aware of making materials is crucial as they directly relate to the appearance, durability, and cost of the cabinet.

There are two main aspects of the material that you should ask about.

One is the make of the exterior. What are they going to use for that?

Different materials such as solid wood, plywood, MDF, and particle board have different properties.

Generally speaking, you should know that hardwood ply is considered stronger than particle board.

Second are the colour ageing materials – what is used to control how the cabinet colour changes over time.

Some furniture makers used a combination of such components, which means that you could end up with a cabinet that develops multiple colourations across its exterior in later years. 

What finish will be used?

The finishing material is important as it protects your cabinet from developing scratches and dents from being repeatedly opened and closed.

It also protects the cabinet from discolouration due to sunlight, and makes it easy to clean stains without worrying about damaging the colour.

There are various finishing materials ranging from specially prepared varnishing coats to lacquers.

Remember that the specially prepared varnishing coats are the best – durable, see-through, and resistant to chemical change.

Lacquers are the least durable, and will lead to high-touch areas darkening soon.

What hardware or other accessories will be included?

Kitchen cabinets often come with hardware, such as hinges, handles, and drawer slides, and other accessories, such as shelves and organisers. 

Understanding what hardware and accessories are included helps you make an informed decision and ensures that you receive everything you need to install and use the cabinets. 

Asking about the included hardware and accessories also helps you avoid any additional costs or surprises when outfitting your kitchen.

Not just kitchen cabinets; hardware is a crucial issue in home interior design.

How strong can I expect the drawers to be?

Drawers will be in constant use – bearing loads and being pulled out and back multiple times a day.

Which makes them very susceptible to sagging and deforming.

It is very important that the cabinet maker uses the correct materials and dovetail joinery to make the drawers, as they ensure the drawers can endure daily usage.

What accessories are included behind the doors?

Understanding available accessories helps you figure out what storage and organisation options you can expect from your cabinets.

From shelves and hooks to pull-out baskets – there are many behind-the-door accessories that can help you maximise storage capacity.

Understanding what accessories you are getting with the cabinet itself will enable you to plan which accessories you need to purchase separately, which will have an impact on your budget.

Will it have a back panel?

A back panel supports the cabinet structure, helping the cabinet retain its proper shape and keeping it secure.

On the other hand, many cabinet makers simply don’t add a back panel to save costs. Which means that you can look through the cabinet directly at the kitchen wall behind it, once installed.

So, make sure you clarify this crucial point.

Are the cabinet hinges soft-closing?

Soft close hinges close a cabinet door on a gentle push, instead of you slamming them shut.

They have several benefits, from avoiding the noise of slamming doors to being safer especially for children.

But the most important advantage of having soft-closing hinges is that they decrease the wear and tear on your cabinets and hinges, minimise stress on the cabinet, prevent marks, preserve the appearance of the cabinet, and extend its lifespan.

Questions related to the post-installation period

You may think that your concerns will end with the installation of the cabinet.

However, if you want to get absolutely the best deal for your money, you need to think about the post-installation time as well.

Here are some queries you should make about post-installation issues.

What warranty/guarantee is being offered?

Like most other products, you should inquire about warranties upfront.

We have brought up the issue of wear and tear multiple times; all other things aside, a good warranty is the best defence against wear and tear.

Also, as a premier interior design company in Bangladesh, we can tell you that a warranty is a measure of how confident the cabinet makers are about their products.

If they are honest about making long-lasting products, the warranties on offer should reflect that.

Will you be available for future maintenance?

Having maintenance support from the same furniture maker who made your kitchen cabinet is your best option.

A reliable and experienced manufacturer will be available for future maintenance, giving you peace of mind that any issues that arise can be addressed promptly and effectively.

This is particularly important if you are considering purchasing custom or high-end cabinets that require special care and maintenance. 

Knowing that you can depend on the manufacturer for support helps ensure that your cabinets remain in great condition for many years to come and thereby protects your investment in them.

If a door has to be replaced, can it be finished to match your existing kitchen interior?

A good furniture maker will be willing to make a replacement door that matches the kitchen interior you have at the time.

While this is difficult to judge – nothing stops them from saying yes even if they don’t know whether they can do that, it is important that you ask them the question and have some peace of mind.

Questions to ask before ordering a kitchen cabinet – key takeaways

So these are the 17 questions that you should ask the furniture manufacturer before you place a kitchen cabinet order with them.

  • From general issues like delivery schedule, total cost and payment options to…
  • Kitchen cabinet-specific queries like what material and finish will be used and what accessories are included, and…
  • Post-installation issues like warranty and future maintenance…

We have covered all the angles that you should clear up to ensure you are getting the most out of the investment you are making in your new kitchen cabinet.

Are you thinking of any other questions to ask?

Did you have any difficulty understand why any of these questions are important?

Let us know in a comment below – and good luck with your new kitchen cabinet!

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