Things to be considered while choosing top interior firm in Dhaka

Apr 18, 2024 | Interior Design

Revamping your home is an exciting endeavour, but finding the right luxury interior design firm in Bangladesh can seem daunting. 

As one of the top premium luxury interior design companies in Dhaka, we at Lavish Interiors want to provide some guidance on the key factors you should consider when selecting an exclusive interior designer. 

Paying attention to these considerations will help you find a premium partner that can envision and execute your 4 (or more) bedroom home design in Bangladesh

Consideration 1: Experience Level

One of the most important things is to understand the experience level of the interior design firm. 

An established luxury interior design company with years of experience in designing all types of spaces in Dhaka will have the expertise to handle any design challenge with creativity and skill. 

They will also have strong relationships with vendors to source high-quality furniture, fabrics, lighting, and other materials during the design process. 

Their experience also allows them to forecast costs and timelines accurately. We at Lavish Interiors, as an experienced firm, have delivered hundreds of outstanding and posh interior design projects across Dhaka.

Consideration 2: Style Sensibilities

While you want an experienced interior designer, you also want one whose aesthetic and style aligns with your taste. 

Spend time going through the design firm’s portfolio and past work. At Lavish Interiors, we can deliver contemporary luxury that is a mix of modern and minimalist designs. We also deliver more ornate interior designs that match our Bangladeshi client’s fine taste.

Meet with our design team in person to evaluate if your vision resonates with their sensibilities before selecting a firm.

Consideration 3: Custom Design Capabilities

In addition to the luxurious decorative elements, customised joinery and furnishings are what truly make an interior design stand out. 

Assess if the shortlisted firm has in-house carpentry and furniture design talent. For instance, Lavish Interiors has an exceptional range of wooden wardrobe and furniture designs in bangladesh. Our team creates unique pieces tailored to our client’s space and needs. 

Other than this, we also offer custom-built and posh cabinetry, wall panelling, statement lighting, and furniture elevating an interior unlike anything sourced ready-made.

Consideration 4: Project Management Strengths

High-end Interior design projects require coordinating many moving parts—from initial concepts to final installation. 

Only an organised, experienced firm can properly oversee the entire process across designers, architects, vendors, carpenters, and contractors. 

From initial budgeting to final quality checks, you need a partner who can manage the heavy lifting.   

Consideration 5: Commitment to Timelines 

While a high-end interior designer oversees vendors, delays can still happen. Understand how disciplined the firm is when it comes to timelines. 

A firm like Lavish Interiors with significant experience across hundreds of deliveries will have acceleration and compression levers to pull when needed to ensure timely project completion. 

Calculating a firm’s commitment to timelines can help avoid frustrations down the road.

Consideration 6: Global Design Perspective

For a truly world-class interior design bearing elements of international style, assess if the firm brings a global design perspective. 

Firms who have worked on projects overseas or have partners networked across design hubs worldwide develop an evolved sensibility. 

A global design viewpoint often introduces original ideas spanning across the cultures and is reflected in interior bearing hints of international flair. 

Along with evaluating experience, aesthetics, custom capabilities and robust project execution, do analyse if potential firms incorporate global influences within their interior design approach for an extra layer of innovation. 

We at Lavish Interiors blend this global view into every bespoke interior designed for residential and commercial spaces across Dhaka.

Consideration 7: Lighting Design Capabilities

When picking an interior designing firm in Dhaka for your home—also consider the designer’s strengths specific to lighting. 

Because it is an extremely important interior design component that shapes the personality and purpose of a space. 

Minute factors such as positioning, layering and temperature of lighting fixtures can completely change the form and function of any interior. 

But delivering customised cove lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting requires creative vision and technical skill. So, look for firms employing expert lighting designers who think about illumination as an artistic medium. 

You could also review their project work that has been showcased in their portfolios to see their lighting plans and placements. 

Our award-winning lighting design team at Lavish Interiors goes through several iterations to devise lighting schemes that heighten the utility, ergonomics and drama of each space. 

Consideration 8: Client Relationships

This part is critical yet intangible—because designing lavish home interiors in Dhaka is a collaborative process best built on trust and transparency. 

Sincere designers always listen to clients’ vision, and then translate inspiration and deliverables. Instead of deciding things for the clients, they enable clients to make sound decisions. 

So, from initial briefings to project walks to final handover, the design partner must emphasise communication and counsel. 

Lavish Interiors nurtures this type of long-lasting client relationships through respectful, thoughtful engagements focused purely on bringing your vision to life in the most high-end manner.

Consideration 9: Professional Certifications

Another important point to take note of is the professional certifications and validation earned by the designers. 

Accreditations from renowned interior design institutions and councils demonstrate the designers’ skills meet high standards of the industry. For instance, lead designers at Lavish Interiors hold multiple certifications from prestigious organisations. Such professional certifications indicate mastery over best practices.

Consideration 10: Awards and Recognition

Finally, check whether the luxury interior design company has ever received acknowledgment for their outstanding achievement. 

An established award-winning firm implies talent and distinction valued by industry veterans and critics alike. 

Over our operating history, the work of our design teams at Lavish Interiors has been recognized through various regional interior design awards for our luxurious residential and commercial projects across Dhaka.

Finding Design Excellence for Your Treasured Space

When going through interior design firms that can turn your home into a masterpiece reflecting your life and style. 

Analyse your shortlisted partner with the earlier key considerations before actually partnering with them. 

An ideal interior design firm in Bangladesh like ours will always excel across experience, style sensibilities, custom capabilities, execution strengths and client relationships. We invite you to start a conversation with Lavish Interiors to consider whether we are the right collaborators for your magnificent duplex home design.

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