12 Office Interior Tips And Tricks For An Awesome Workplace

Sep 30, 2023 | Office Design

Are you struggling to create an office environment that not only looks appealing but also boosts employee productivity and well-being? 

The design of your workspace plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s culture, brand image, and overall efficiency. 

Dive into these 12 office interior tips tailored for Bangladesh’s unique aesthetic and functional needs that we, as experienced interior designers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, have collected.

These will ensure your workplace stands out and inspires excellence.

Make sure the entire design reflects your brand

Your office’s interior design is more than just aesthetics; it’s a representation of your company’s identity. 

A consistent brand image, from the exterior to the parking area and all the way to the reception and open spaces, ensures that customers remember and resonate with your brand. 

Incorporate your logo and brand colours throughout every area, creating a cohesive and memorable environment that truly embodies your company’s essence.

If you’re also looking for other commercial design projects like restaurant design or hospital design, you should explore our design services.

Go for an open floor plan

Maximising your office space is crucial, regardless of its size. Opting for an open floor plan, whether that involves removing partitions, reconfiguring desks, or eliminating cubicles, can transform your workspace. 

Such a layout not only enhances the perception of space but also fosters collaboration among employees. 

By providing a more spacious and free environment, you encourage team communication, leading to a more efficient and cohesive workforce.

Pay attention to the reception area (if customers visit your workplace)

The reception area is the gateway to your organisation, often forming the first impression for visitors, clients, and potential employees. 

To ensure a positive impact, opt for light and harmonious wall colours, particularly in smaller spaces, and choose shades that echo your company’s logo (we discussed the importance of branding earlier, remember?). 

Adorn the walls with framed accolades, leadership insights, or serene landscapes. Prioritise natural lighting, but if you must use artificial sources, steer clear of harsh fluorescents; spotlights offer a balanced ambience. 

Incorporating low-maintenance indoor plants can also infuse a sense of calm and warmth to the entrance. We will take a deeper look at keeping indoor plants in the office later on.

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Go for collaboration-friendly design

The evolution of office design has moved beyond traditional conference rooms. Collaboration is at the heart of modern business success. 

To facilitate this, it’s essential to design spaces that encourage group interactions, both large and small. 

A well-thought-out layout might include writable walls for brainstorming, round tables for inclusive discussions, and corkboard panels for visualising ideas. 

Introduce dynamic elements like modular tables that can be reconfigured as needed, or unique seating like hanging chairs. Such versatile pieces not only invigorate the space but also stimulate creativity and teamwork. 

Remember, a dynamic environment often leads to dynamic thinking!

Make sure there’s plenty of light throughout the workspace

A well-lit workspace is a cornerstone of productivity and well-being. Natural light not only elevates mood but also boosts efficiency, making it a vital component for a thriving team.

To get such benefits, consider minimising obstructions like shades, allowing the office to be bathed in sunlight. 

A bright and welcoming environment ensures that employees feel content and motivated throughout their workday. 

Moreover, relying less on artificial lighting can lead to significant energy savings, freeing up money for other office enhancements.

Also, for budgeting concerns, here’s our guide to discussing interior design budgets.

Go for glass partitions

Embracing glass elements is a contemporary approach to office design, reminiscent of the sleek, glass-fronted skyscrapers gracing city skylines. What sets glass partitions apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate with and elevate the overall office design, rather than disrupting it.

Many global offices are adopting this aesthetic, recognizing the manifold benefits of incorporating glass. 

Glass partitions not only amplify natural light but also foster an open ambience while preserving a degree of privacy. They serve as an excellent substitute for traditional walls and doors, especially when delineating spaces or crafting private meeting zones. 

For more insights, check out our luxury design portfolio.

Use your available space efficiently

Striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality is key when planning your office layout. 

It’s essential to anticipate future growth, ensuring that new team members can seamlessly integrate without necessitating major spatial adjustments.

The right layout profoundly influences the overall office ambience. 

Cramped workstations can lead to employee discomfort and decreased concentration. Conversely, appropriately sized desks and cubicles foster a comfortable environment, allowing the team to work with ease and focus.

Get good, office-worthy furniture

Selecting the right furniture is pivotal for both aesthetics and functionality. Prioritise pieces that offer ample storage, ensuring a tidy workspace. 

Ergonomics is paramount; furniture should support the well-being of employees, preventing discomfort and physical strain. 

Custom-made options often stand out, tailored to specific needs, maximising space, and offering value for money. 

Finally, avoid overly glossy finishes, as they can cause reflected glare, leading to eye strain and discomfort for employees. If you’re aiming for luxury, consult a premium office designer in Dhaka.

Have the right colour palette

Colours play a pivotal role in influencing our psychology and mood. When selecting a palette for your workspace, consider the nature of tasks and the desired ambience. 

  • For example, blue, known to foster trust and calmness, is ideal for environments emphasising teamwork. 
  • Green, on the other hand, stimulates creativity, promotes harmony, and alleviates anxiety.
  • For high-energy tasks, vibrant hues like yellow and orange are apt choices. 
  • White, especially when paired with natural light, not only amplifies creativity but also enhances focus and spatial perception. 

However, it’s crucial to balance bold colours with neutrals, such as grey, for a well-rounded impact. 

Remember, your colour choices should complement the lighting, and opt for matte or semi-gloss paints to avoid excessive shininess.

If you’re preparing to meet your interior designer, these are great points to discuss.

Go for wellness-focused design

Prioritising employee well-being is paramount in modern office design. Given the significant hours spent at work, comfort is non-negotiable. 

Chairs, for instance, should offer ample back support, with adjustable options remaining a top choice. 

There’s a variety of stylish office chairs that can seamlessly blend with any design aesthetic. 

Encouraging movement throughout the day is equally vital. 

Solutions like standing desks allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing, promoting better posture and circulation. 

Introducing shared co-working spaces or lounge areas can also inspire team members to take short breaks from their primary workstations. 

Even subtle changes, like placing the printer slightly farther from desks, can encourage more frequent movement.

If you’re wondering how to select an interior designer, consider their expertise in modern design elements like this.

Have sufficient storage space

A well-organised office hinges on ample storage solutions. Closed storage options are particularly valuable, concealing clutter and ensuring a polished, magazine-worthy appearance. 

Beyond aesthetics, organisation is paramount.

A workspace functions more efficiently when every item has its designated spot, streamlining processes and reducing time spent searching for essentials.

Go for indoor greenery

Incorporating greenery within the office environment offers multifaceted advantages, directly impacting productivity and well-being. 

Indoor plants not only elevate employee satisfaction and concentration but also enhance air quality. 

Amidst the formal and often sterile office ambience, plants introduce a touch of nature, instilling a sense of relaxation

Furthermore, the presence of greenery can act as a subtle reminder for employees to stay focused, fostering a balanced and wholesome workspace atmosphere.

Tips and tricks for a modern office design – key takeaways

Designing an office that embodies your brand, fosters collaboration, and prioritises well-being is paramount in today’s competitive business landscape. 

From maximising natural light to incorporating indoor greenery, every detail contributes to a productive and harmonious workspace. 

Embracing the right colour palette and furniture can further elevate the ambience. Hopefully, this guide put together by our team has provided the insights you need to transform your office into a beacon of inspiration and efficiency.

Ready to design your own workplace?

Your dream office is just a consultation away. If you’re in Dhaka and looking to infuse these modern design principles into your workspace, don’t hesitate. 

Reach out to us today, and let’s craft a workplace that truly resonates with your brand and vision.

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