Transform Your Bedroom Interior With These Design Tips And Tricks

Feb 16, 2023 | Tips And Tricks

Ways to get the layout, colours, furniture and so on right to create the bedroom of your dreams!

Looking for design tips for your bedroom interior?

Wondering whether there are any decoration techniques to help you get a good night’s sleep?

Searching for bedroom styling tips that go beyond the basics?

Then this blog post is a must-read.

The top 17 decor and styling tips for your bedroom

The bedroom has perhaps the most impact on your well-being and mood, amongst all the rooms in your home.

If your bedroom feels cramped, uncomfortable and uninspiring, you may find it difficult to truly unwind and get the rest and refreshment that you need for the day.

Moreover, as the bedroom is typically a more private room where most guests don’t enter, bedroom interiors are most often neglected in home design.

That’s where our blog post can prove useful.

Whether you’re designing a completely new bedroom from scratch, or upgrading an existing room…

Our design tips will help you create a bedroom with a relaxing vibe, and which reflects your personality.

Make the bed the focal point of the room

Allow us to reveal a bedroom design secret – simply changing the position of your bed can make a big difference to the look and feel of the room.

But don’t just randomly move the bed around.

Here’s the deal – when entering the room, the bed should catch the attention.

In addition to a simple moving, you can add a statement headboard, or install an artwork above the bed.

Or, get bedding and pillows in bold colours and patterns.

Take time in choosing the bed

Think about your bedroom routine. How do you plan on using the bed?

Do you like reading books for a while before nodding off to sleep?

In that case, you’ll need a substantial headboard to lean back on.

Would you prefer something with a lower profile instead? There are options for that.

Think about these, and discuss your requirements with a custom furniture maker.

Showcase your personality

This might seem obvious when it comes to bedroom interior design, but it needs to be mentioned all the same.

You should infuse your personality into the bedroom decor, and showcase your preferences.

You can start by choosing some pieces with sentimental value (could be anything from a family picture to a collection of coins) and create a “gallery wall” with them.

Other ways to express your personal style are through design elements like colours and patterns and furniture and accessories like statement rugs and vintage mirrors.

We will take a look at some of these in this blog post itself.

Making your bedroom reflective of who you are can play a unique role in creating a personal haven where you can let go of your worries and have a refreshing sleep.

Ensure you can move freely inside the room

Ensuring that you can move freely inside the bedroom is vital not only for the obvious reason – that it’s convenient…

But also to create that comfortable atmosphere that we keep referring to.

So how do you ensure free movement and ease of circulation throughout the bedroom?

Simple – remove all unnecessary furniture and decor.

Yes, you should keep some sentimental pieces but those should be well-chosen.

Also consider smart storage solutions like under-bed drawers and wall-mounted shelves to keep things organised.

We will revisit the topic of bedroom storage in a while.

A room that looks cramped will never inspire feelings of comfort. It will make you feel constricted and hamper your quality of life.

Go for subtle colours

Generally speaking, you should avoid experimenting with colours and shades in your bedroom.

Keep things calm and subtle.

Now of course colour is a deeply personal aspect and choices will vary from person to person.

However, for most people, subtle and subdued hues prove most effective at creating a calm and relaxing vibe.

Think off-white, cream, light blue, lavender, soft to medium green and other soothing options.

If you really want to experiment with bolder hues, start with the pillows and the ceiling.

Create an accent wall, if possible

As a bold and unique element, an accent wall is a great bedroom design tip.

Remember we mentioned making the bed the focal point of the room?

Position the accent wall behind the bed – you’ll have a significant stretch of space to work with.

Ways to turn it into an accent feature include opting for a different colour or wallpaper design than the other walls.

From a complementary shade to a softer or darker hue – there are endless ways to set off your accent wall from the rest of the room.

Get creative with storage

Creative storage solutions are a key bedroom decor tip because they enable you to keep stuff (from sentimental items to objects that are not in continuous use) in the room while avoiding a cramped look.

There are plenty of ways to avoid a cluttered and disorganised bedroom with innovative storage:

  • Wardrobes built into the wall.
  • Under-bed containers are the best for seasonal sheets and extra bedding.
  • Multifunctional furniture like under-bed drawers.
  • Wall-mounted shelves.

In short, with a little creativity and planning you can optimise space in your bedroom and create a clutter-free oasis to rest in.

Try to get a symmetrical look

Symmetry is nothing but visual balance and achieving that can create a calming feeling in the room.

There are two basic ways of creating symmetry in a room.

One is to incorporate symmetrical elements, such as matching bedside tables, lamps, and artwork.

The other is by arranging similar objects in a way that creates a sense of symmetry. 

For example, if you have a large piece of artwork on one side of the room, you could balance it out with a group of smaller pieces on the opposite wall.

By creating a balanced and symmetrical layout, you can make the room feel more organised and visually appealing.

Use wallpaper

We already referred to wallpaper before when discussing the ceiling.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the potential of wallpaper to transform your bedroom.

Layered patterns can make a room cheerful and interesting.

Here are a few tips for choosing the paper:

  • Use matching wallpapers like floral patterns and stripe patterns to add depth to the space.
  • You can always go for large-scale patterns that can create a whole new style for your room.
  • Conversely, a wallpaper can also make the bedroom appear smaller, or cosier.

Wallpaper is a great alternative to painting over walls, and with the richness of texture can add a whole new vibe to your bedroom.

Allow for plenty of natural lighting

Bedrooms are primarily used for sleeping but with today’s dynamic lifestyles, bedrooms can have multiple uses – with one of the most important ones being as a home office.

That, plus if you have a corner nook (like we talked above), makes it crucial for your bedroom to have plenty of natural light.

Apart from the obvious – windows – you can also paint your walls in cool shades or place mirrors in the room to make the best possible use of available natural light.

Play around with lamps and mood lighting

The main purpose of natural light is illumination.

Other bedroom lighting, on the other hand, must meet the purpose of setting the mood.

This is why it’s crucial for you to layer your lighting, as opposed to merely depending on overhead illumination.

Keep the overhead lights on a dimming switch.

More luxurious bedrooms should contain a chandelier, centrally placed.

Recessed lighting (also on a dimmer) is great for creating ambience.

Wall “sconces” (special lamp holders) are another kind of layered lighting.

With a little experimentation you should be able to plan an optimum lighting arrangement for your bedroom.

Invest in textures

Adding unexpected textures is a favourite designer tip to add depth and character to a bedroom.

From cheerful blankets to customised bedding – there are numerous ways of adding textures to your bedroom.

Update your headboard

Just like the ceiling, a headboard is an area – referred to as “real estate” in interior design jargon – that’s often overlooked when it comes to bedroom design.

In other words, merely refreshing your headboard can be a great bedroom design technique,

From the length and height of the headboard to the material, colours and texture – there are many elements that you can play around with.

Pair the headboard with new bedding and colourful cushions.

Get appropriate window treatments

Window treatments are an essential element of any bedroom design, as they can help regulate light and privacy levels while adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. 

When selecting window treatments for your bedroom, consider the style and mood you want to create. 

  • If you prefer a minimalistic and airy feel, go for sheer curtains or blinds that allow natural light to filter in while maintaining privacy. 
  • On the other hand, if you want to create a cosy and warm atmosphere, choose heavier curtains or drapes in rich textures and colours. 
  • Also, consider the functional aspects of your window treatments, such as their ability to block out light and noise. 
  • Blackout curtains or blinds can be a great option for those who need complete darkness for restful sleep, while noise-cancelling curtains can help minimise outside sounds.

Overall, window treatments can go a long way towards creating the bedroom interior vibe that you need for sound sleep.

For details on this topic, please visit our post on window treatments and solutions.

See if an area rug makes sense

The rug should be large enough to fill most of the space, and should be large enough to accommodate nightstands, side tables and the bed on itself.

In interior design jargon, we refer to this as “anchoring” the furniture of the room.

For luxurious bedroom design, go for antique-style rugs which have a feel of their own.

Add a nook

Creating a reading nook or an intimate sitting area is a great way to maximise the interior design potential of your bedroom.

Look for an area, usually beside a window or taking advantage of odd corners, that can be transformed into a semi-private area.

Place a comfy chair or recliner and a side table with a lamp.

Try to position it near the main door so you can easily shut the door for seclusion and walk back to your corner.

Tip: While the chair/recliner should be comfortable, both it and the table should be in proportion to the room.

Decorate the ceiling

As interior designers in Bangladesh, we have noticed that most people simply forget about the ceiling when planning room design.

Here is a crucial room design tip: the ceiling is one of the most un-utilized resources when it comes to room design.

Work it into your styling plans to add depth and interest to the space.

As far as bedroom design is concerned, you can paint or wallpaper your ceiling.

Usually the idea is to colour the ceiling with a lighter, darker or a contrasting shade than the walls.

For those who want a sophisticated and elegant look, a moulded ceiling could be a great option to explore.

Focus on the view

Having an awesome view of the outdoors can boost your bedroom experience, whether you live in a busy city or in a calm suburb.

Now of course the bed should always be the focal point of your bedroom, but you can emphasise the outside view by designing the bedroom layout to make it one of the first things you see when entering the room.

Focusing on the scene outdoors can give your bedroom a truly luxurious look.

Bedroom decor tips and tricks – key takeaways

Transforming your bedroom interior can be a fun and exciting process that can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep and overall well-being. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to make a few changes, the tips and tricks outlined in this blog post can help you create a bedroom that is both functional and beautiful. 

From focusing on the view to getting creative with storage, there are plenty of ways to customise your bedroom design to fit your personal style and needs. 

So experiment until you find the perfect combination that makes your bedroom feel like a peaceful and refreshing sanctuary.

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