TOP 10 Ways To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Apr 18, 2022 | Tips And Tricks

Here are the top room interior decor tips and tricks to make your small space look larger.

Is too little space in your room making it look cramped?

Want to make your room look larger and brighter but have no idea how?

Well, based on our many years of experience handling premium room decor projects in Bangladesh, we can share with you our top 10 ways of making a small room look bigger, without breaking the bank.

Ways to make your room look bigger

They fall under three categories: appropriate colour selection, careful choice of furniture, and clever room decor.

  • Through colour selection
    • Use of softer colours
    • Light coloured flooring
    • Neutral colours
  • Choice of furniture and other items
    • Go for texture
    • Use furniture that shows legs
    • Choose light fabrics
  • Room decor tips
    • Use mirrors
    • Innovative storage
    • Keep things simple

Go for an accent wall

Through colour selection

You’ll be amazed how dramatic a change a room’s look can undergo simply by choosing the right colour mix.

Use more of softer, lighter colours


Here’s the deal: darker colours absorb light, while lighter colours reflect it. So, the lighter your room’s colour scheme, the more light is reflected around which reduces shadows and dark spaces and makes the room feel cheery and spacious.


Darker colours may seem wonderful and they can sometimes make your space feel cosy and intimate, but they’re better used in reasonably spacious rooms.


If you’re not sure which softer colours to use, start with soft hues of green and blue.

Light coloured flooring


I mention this separately as many people only think of the walls and the ceiling when they plan the colour scheme of the room.


Light shaded floors can also create the illusion of a large space.


If your floors are already coloured dark, use light-colored rugs.


Pro tip: Coordinate the floor and wall colours.

Try to stick to a neutral colour scheme


Choose colours that are in the same family. They can maintain a smooth flow throughout the room.


Contrasting colours break up a space, making it appear smaller. When you’re trying to make a small space look bigger, you really should not be playing around with the colour spectrum.


Textured wall finished, tone-on-tone woven upholstery fabrics, textured wall finishes, and tonal drapery fabrics can all prove useful in this.

Through careful choice of furnitures and other items

Certain kinds of furniture and other items can make different sections of the room feel disjointed. To make your room look bigger, you need to make furniture choices that will make it seem more cohesive.

Invest in textures


Making your space look larger needs you to declutter your room. In our experience, this makes people think they must remove stuff from the room and adopt a minimalist room decor.


However, you don’t need to do that. Instead, invest in textures. Heavy textures enhance the room’s look without taking up excessive space.


Grained wood pieces, thick rugs, leather armchairs and limed floorboards all can make a room look bigger.

Go for furniture with the legs showing


Furniture that rests directly on the floor eats up the floor space open to the eye.


Furniture with visible legs keep more floor space available for the eye to see, making the room appear bigger.

Choose light fabrics

Light, airy fabrics like linen allow natural light to pass through the window and through things like table colours. They also boost the sense of airiness in the room. To learn how you can balance letting in natural light with privacy concerns, refer to our post on window treatments that balance sunlight and privacy.


But that doesn’t mean you need to be content with only monochromes. Simple stripes and floral vines are great choices.

Through careful room decor planning

Where do the various pieces of furniture and accessories go? How should you position them relative to each other?


These can prove crucial to how your small room looks.

Correct placement of mirrors


If you can get mirror placement right, it will do the trick.


Use an oversized framed mirror against a wall. Or large framed mirror on a wall. You can also look for a chest of drawers with a built-in mirror.


Mirrors reflect light around the room, reducing darkness and shadows. The reflection also creates an illusion of ‘extra space.

Smart storage options

If it isn’t obvious by now, the less clutter you have around the room, the larger it will look.


So, how do you cut the clutter while keeping the things you need inside the room?


Simple – through the use of smart storage, that gives you space to keep away things without taking away floor space.


Some smart storage options are:

  • Window seat with storage.
  • Sliding storage space under the bed/sofa.
  • Shelves on the walls.

And so on.

Keep things simple


The most important piece of advice in the whole ‘making your small room appear bigger’ question.


Keep things simple.


I’m not saying become minimalist. I’m saying don’t just have random things in the room without thinking about the entire room…and don’t add stuff to the room just like that.


For example, you may want to have two pieces of artwork on your walls. Group them together, like parts of a larger piece of art.

Go for an accent wall

This is like a trick.


If you have an accent wall in the room, they will pull the attention from the eyes. People looking at the room won’t notice whether it’s small.

Discussing making your small room look larger with your interior designer

First of all, you can do many of these things yourself.


But if you do Google interior designer near me and hire an interior designer to revamp your small room’s decor and layout to make it appear bigger, it is essential that you:


  • Have an extensive and clear discussion with them on what your objectives and requirements are.
  • Make clear what is negotiable and what is not.
  • And, be very clear on the budget.

Making your small room appear larger – a final word

People have to live in small spaces for many reasons – near to the workplace, low rent, and so on.


However, that doesn’t mean you should just let your rooms look small and unattractive.


With the tricks we have outlined in this post, and using planning and innovation, you can definitely make your small room look larger!

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