The 10 BEST Upgrades For Your Luxury Home

Nov 27, 2022 | Design & Decor (Miscellaneous)

Relatively simple ways of adding value to your home and increasing its luxury quotient.

Looking for luxury upgrades for your high-end home?

Wondering which house improvements are worth it – and whether you should go for them?

Searching for glamorous home features that will make your friends jealous?

Don’t worry – we got you!

Based on our extensive experience handling high-end, premium housing projects across Bangladesh, we are outlining the most useful luxury home improvement options for you.

Fancy upgrades to make your home feel luxurious

With time, home design styles change – maybe causing your living space to become outdated.

Wear and tear also takes a toll.

Luckily, there are many excellent ways to improve your house, whether you want to add more comfort, alter the aesthetics, or improve functionality.

Change your flooring

While hardwood or tile might give a more polished appearance, carpeting can lend a touch of cosiness.

Replace the carpet in your bedroom with hardwood or tile for a quick renovation and touch of luxury. 

Now, hardwood can be a little challenging to clean and maintain, however the extra work is worthwhile. 

Tile floors can give your property a fresh look and are easy to clean.

Want to know more about flooring? Visit our flooring materials for your home post.

Add a reading room

This is an often overlooked but highly effective way of adding a personality to your home.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to have a huge number of books to have a reading room in your house. It’s more about creating a space with a bookish, erudite atmosphere.

And of course you can accumulate books over time.

You won’t need much room, but the more you have, the better. 

You might turn a spare room into a reading room by installing bookcases and armchairs.

If you have an open floor apartment, you can turn one part of it into a reading space. Such a reading space can be a good focal point.

Don’t know what a focal point is? Head to our post on focal points in interior design.

Go for stone walls

Installing stone walls inside or exterior of your home will significantly improve its appeal. The stonework is sure to wow visitors and family members, whether you choose to showcase sleek and modern brickwork or a rustic cobblestone design. 

Stone is available in a wide range of forms, colours, and styles as well.

Upgrade your bathroom

Install a contemporary shower, with tiles for an opulent bathroom. 

Why go specifically for tile showers?

They are a terrific addition to your house since they can be both attractive and easy to maintain.

If you want to go one step further, you can include a bathtub. Many contemporary showers go well with contemporary bathtubs. 

Consider installing a rain-style showerhead. They are not only lavish but also an excellent way of saving water.

Go for smart appliances

Alongwith flooring and walls, you can also consider upgrading your appliances during your renovation!

Starting with bigger equipment like refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines is a good idea.

Smart appliances can reduce your power use (lowering your energy bills) while making it easier for you to go about your day.

Focus on kitchen appliances first

New appliances can make preparing food easier, more relaxing and less time-consuming.

Smart kitchen equipment will impress your guests, making them a great option for entertaining guests. 

Some of the most common equipment that people generally want to upgrade are refrigerators, dishwashers and gas stoves.

Speaking of the kitchen, here are some kitchen design mistakes to avoid.

Invest in a premium counter/backsplash

The counters in your kitchen – and elsewhere around the home – should reflect the high luxury standard you have set for yourself.

So, which material should you go for?

In our experience, tile and stone are the materials that are most commonly found in luxury home backsplashes

Marble is another excellent choice.

Upgrade your windows

You will be surprised at how upgrading your windows can boost the value of your home.

For a start, new windows can be a great way to improve the look of your home.

Second, if you go for window treatments that allow in sunlight while being capable of blocking cold air, your energy consumption will reduce. 

From an aesthetic point of view, you should consider decorative glass windows – they can add a character to your room that few other options can.

Worried about privacy? Here are window solutions that allow natural light while protecting privacy.

Get a walk in closet

According to many people, you don’t have a high-end home if you don’t have a walk-in closet. 

These closets offer plenty of storage space and free up space in the rest of your home – especially in the bedroom and the master bathroom.

Finally, you can find everything – shoes, jewellery, make-up, clothes – in one place. 

Get new mattresses

A luxurious upgrade you can make to your bedroom is  a very comfortable mattress. 

Most people don’t think about their mattress unless they have trouble sleeping, but a good mattress is important for your health.

A king size mattress will also give you plenty of room to move around and is perfect for couples. 

It will make sleeping much more comfortable and is the perfect way to update your bedroom.

Add an electric fireplace

One of the easiest ways of adding character and luxury to your home is to get an electric fireplace.

You can choose from many different types of fireplaces and mantels, so do compare different models before buying. Make sure that the one you get matches your design choices and room interior.

The top luxury home improvement ideas – most important conclusions

From changing your flooring to getting an electric fireplace, those are top home improvements that you can incorporate into your coming renovation.

Now, the question is, which of those should you choose for your own home?

The answer will of course depend on your property, however we can add one piece of useful advice: Go for only those upgrades that boost your home’s utility and add to its value.

If you want to discuss the specifics of renovating your house – including which improvements to go for – get in touch with the top BD interior designers!

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