Exterior Design

First Impression Matters!

While we excel at crafting beautiful and functional interiors, Lavish Interiors goes beyond four walls.

Our expertise extends to the art of exterior design, transforming the outer shell of your property into an extension of your living space.

Our Exterior Design Services

We understand the importance of first impressions and the impact your outdoor environment has on both aesthetics and functionality. 

Our team of skilled designers in Bangladesh will collaborate with you to create an exterior space that reflects your personal style and fulfills your specific needs.

Whether it’s designing a welcoming entrance, a relaxing patio, or a lush green haven, we’ll seamlessly blend form and function, ensuring your exterior space complements the interior, enhancing your overall property value and enjoyment.

Our Process

Project Consultation

One of our designers will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and determine the most appropriate design process for your project.

Project Agreement

We will work with you to solidify an exterior design solution, establish a budget and timeline, and come to a project agreement in order to commence the work.

Project Implementation

Our project management team is committed to maintaining open and effective communication with you during this phase.

Inspection and Handover

Once the project is finished, we will extend an invitation to you for an inspection. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss any alterations, please feel free to bring them to our attention. Otherwise, we will proceed with handing the completed project over to you.

Our Exterior Design Projects

At Lavish Interiors, we believe that a home’s grandeur extends beyond its four walls.

Our expertise extends to crafting exteriors that are as captivating as they are functional. Here is proof of our work that will definitely assure you:

Why Hire Us

We are aware of your rhetoric requirement when you think of hiring a Design Firm.

  • You lookout for that professional finesse and unique, beautiful design solution.
  • We always work with an attitude to deliver more than what the clients expect.
  • Your exteriors allow the society to form first impressions for you, and we won’t compromise on that. You can be rest assured!

Following Trends

We stay current with the latest trends in exterior design and will offer detailed discussions with you to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions when it comes to styling your space.

Latest Technologies

Lavish Interiors consistently integrates cutting-edge technologies into their projects to ensure that the final design is not only luxurious, but also highly functional and efficient.

Turnkey Design

We are capable of executing the project in a turnkey mode, taking full responsibility for the entire process while requiring minimal involvement from your end.

Competitive Pricing

Our cost management strategy focuses on two key areas: ensuring competitive pricing for our products and sourcing materials from trusted vendors to secure the best prices.

Ready to let your exteriors charm the world?

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