Are You Making These Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes?

Feb 28, 2023 | Design Concepts

11 styling mis-steps you should avoid to transform your bedroom into a relaxing and restful oasis.

Wondering which mistakes to avoid in bedroom design?

Searching for what not to do when planning how to decorate your bedroom?

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Bedroom decorating errors and how to avoid them

Decorating your bedroom can be an exciting project, but it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can result in a less-than-ideal sleeping space. 

From choosing a boring headboard that doesn’t add any personality to the room to not considering the lighting, there are quite a few things that can impact the room’s atmosphere.

By being mindful of these potential mistakes and making informed design choices, you can create a bedroom that promotes relaxation and restful sleep.

Your bed is too large

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious and spacious bed for your bedroom, be sure to consider how it fits in the room before making a purchase. 

Measure your room to ensure that the bed won’t overwhelm the space, and that there’s enough room for other furniture, such as storage and seating.

It’s also crucial to think about the flow of the room. You don’t want to feel cramped or have to squeeze through narrow passageways around the bed. 

The area at the foot of the bed should also have ample space for you to move around comfortably.

In short, it’s important to be realistic about the size of your room and choose a bed that is proportional with the space. 

By doing so, you’ll create a harmonious and comfortable bedroom environment that you’ll love spending time in.

The rug isn’t the right size

Adding an area rug is a good bedroom styling idea.

Consider the size of your rug in relation to your decor and furniture as it can have a significant impact on the overall design of your bedroom, even if it’s not as crucial as bed size. 

Don’t be afraid to opt for a larger rug that extends beyond your bed frame. 

A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug that allows you to comfortably step out of bed onto it on all sides, indicating that you have found the right size.

It’s difficult to walk through the room

We referred to ensuring the bedroom isn’t cramped just now.

However, if you’re sharing the bedroom with someone, ensuring a free flow through the bedroom is about more than choosing an appropriately sized bed.

In a bedroom for 2 people, there will be some areas that are more used than others.

And if you don’t plan the design with this in mind, you’ll find yourself frequently bumping into the other person, for example while opening doors and drawers.

Consider the pathways used to walk around the room.

Ensure that there’s enough space for both of you to move around freely.

You can even think of options like sliding doors for your wardrobe for easy access.

Ensuring a smooth walk through the room is one the top tips for home design in Bangladesh.

It’s too dark

Bedrooms can often end up feeling cold and uninviting, especially if they’re lit by just one central ceiling light. 

To avoid this common mistake, it’s important to aim for a warm and cosy mood in the bedroom by using a variety of lighting sources.

One easy way to achieve this is by adding bedside lamps, which provide soft and focused light for reading or relaxing. 

Consider also adding wall lights or hidden LEDs for a more subtle and layered effect. 

While wall lamps typically require professional installation by an electrician, there are also plug-in options available.

When selecting light bulbs for your bedroom, choose warm-toned options that create a more relaxed and restful atmosphere. 

With the right lighting in place, your bedroom will feel like a warm and inviting retreat, helping you to unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

You forgot to install mood lighting

Don’t leave your bedroom ceiling bare.

Consider all options, including having chandeliers in the bedroom!

Also remember to have some reading and task lighting – indirect illumination that reduces the direct glare in your eyes.

It doesn’t have any plants

Adding some greenery to your bedroom can elevate your interior design, and also benefit your health. 

Plants can act as natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and producing oxygen to create a cleaner and fresher atmosphere. 

Choosing low-maintenance air-cleaning plants like spider plants or peace lilies can be an easy and effective way to enhance the ambiance and air quality in your personal oasis.

There isn’t sufficient storage space for clothes and sheets

Based on our experience as luxury interior designers in Bangladesh, consumers often get confused between getting furniture with sufficient storage space and furniture that is elegantly designed.

You may purchase a really luxurious wardrobe on a whim, and then find it can’t accommodate all the clothes and sheets you need it to.

Before making buying decisions, measure the physical space needed for your clothing and accessories.

Consider how much hanging space you require, as well as the best way to store your shoes.

Fitted wardrobes can be an excellent solution to storage problems, as they offer ample hanging space, shelving, and even drawers. 

You can have them custom-made to fit the room, giving you the option to maximise storage space by taking them all the way up to the ceiling. 

Alternatively, modular furniture can be a great option, allowing you to design and customise the storage solution to fit your needs.

Looking to get some storage and other bedroom furniture custom-designed? Get in touch with our custom furniture team today!

You didn’t think about the colour scheme

It’s absolutely vital to consider the colour scheme. 

Go for shades that harmonise with each other and don’t clash. 

Remember that calming colours can be just as soothing as neutral shades, so find a statement undertone that brings you peace and choose decorations that complement it.

Avoid experimenting with bold and vibrant shades

Using bright colours in bedroom design can disrupt your sleep, so it’s best to avoid using shades like red, yellow, and purple. 

Instead, opt for pale hues such as greens, blues, and greys. Muted colours create a more calming and peaceful atmosphere, making them ideal for promoting restful sleep.

You chose a boring headboard

The headboard can be a focal point of the bedroom, and choosing a plain or uninteresting design can really let the rest of your interior design down. 

Don’t settle for an uninspiring headboard when there are so many stylish options available.

From upholstered headboards to statement pieces in metal or wood, there’s a perfect headboard out there to match any style and budget.

There’s nowhere to sit

While not every bedroom has room for extra furniture, having a place to sit while getting dressed or putting on shoes can be a useful addition.

One solution is to add a stylish armchair in a corner or a bench at the foot of the bed, providing a comfortable and practical sitting option. Alternatively, a chest placed at the end of the bed can serve a dual purpose, providing seating as well as extra storage space.

In fact, you can create a semi-private seating space (also known as a ‘nook’) in your bedroom. For other such tips, visit our blog post on bedroom design tips and tricks.

Lack of electrical plug points

In our experience designing and renovating bedrooms in Dhaka, we have noticed a common design flaw – the lack of electrical plug points and outlets.

This can become quite frustrating as we are using more and more devices which require frequent charging. 

The traditional double socket behind the bed is no longer sufficient, and can quickly create a tangled mess of cords.

If you’re planning a bedroom renovation, it’s important to make a list of all the devices you’ll be regularly charging and ensure that you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate them. 

Consider adding additional outlets in convenient locations to reduce clutter and make it easier to charge your gadgets.

Even if you’re not planning a major renovation, it’s worth seeking advice from an electrician to see if it’s possible to add a few extra outlets around the room. 

This simple upgrade can make a big difference to the functionality and convenience of your bedroom.

Looking to renovate your home? Here are the best luxury home upgrades that you can consider.

You didn’t invest in good window treatments

To create the ideal environment for sleep, it’s important to have window dressings that can regulate the amount and quality of sunlight in the room. 

For example, floor-to-ceiling curtains can effectively block out sunlight and keep the bedroom cosy and comfortable for restful sleep. 

On the other hand, when it’s time to wake up and start the day, opening the curtains can allow natural light to enter the room and help you feel refreshed and energised.

For some help selecting window dressings, refer to our blog post on window solutions and treatments.

Bedroom styling errors to avoid – key takeaways

In conclusion, simple steps like keeping in mind the size of your furniture, and understanding the role of accessories and décor in creating a cohesive and calming atmosphere will help you transform your bedroom into the peaceful retreat you deserve. 

Remember, a well-designed bedroom can help you to achieve a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

So, take the time to design your bedroom with care, and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and stylish space.

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